Adriana Lara

May 4 – June 15, 2013

Adriana Lara creates a system of camp symbology through the appropriation of cultural marginalia. Dispensing with painting, video, or laser projections, a pervasive and anarchic humor illustrates the tensions between theory, content, and surface, existing at the juncture of representation and ideology. Lara’s visual ontology of base, forgotten, and peripheral imagery becomes an absurdist and associative network that irreverently links ideas with materials.
White Flag Library is an auxiliary exhibition program of White Flag Projects.
Organized by Sam Korman
  • eLARA1
    • Adriana Lara
      Etre #2 , 2011
      Acrylic on canvas
      70 3/4 x 97 1/2 inches
  • eLARA2
    • Adriana Lara
      Laser painting #3, 2012
      Laser projection on books